Two new viewers, presented at the last TIPR meeting (27-29 March), are now accessible  in the User’s corner – In testing phase.

The first one is a new data monitor which allows the reporter to follow the proper processing of all data flows except E2a. This viewer aims at replacing the existing data monitor viewer as well as the existing check statistics calculation viewer.

The second one is a viewer presenting a global overview of what is the AQ eReporting system. This is a general viewer containing generic info on AQ eReporting but also allowing basic access to the time series and statistics.

The zone map viewer (User’s corner) is now removed.

For bulk download of all zone geometries, please use this external link. Alternatively you can also use the attainment map viewer.

The package to follow and verify submission (in Reporter’s corner) is neither maintained nor updated anymore.

This package will be replaced by an upgraded version in the coming months.