The Air Quality e-Reporting system is organised around 14 inter-connected dataflows lettered from B to K. These dataflows correspond to different reporting obligations (ROD) as listed in the table below. ROD is the EEA’s reporting obligations database. It contains records  describing environmental reporting obligations that countries have towards international organisations. It includes all environmental reporting obligations that EEA member countries have towards DG environment, European marine conventions, Eurostat, OECD, UN, UNECE, as well as the EEA itself. To learn more about ROD, the status of the contents and the intended users, please check out the general help section.

In generating the necessary data files corresponding to these dataflows or RODs, the countries must meet the content requirements laid down in the Air Quality Directive and the Implementing Decision.

Please note that not all the reporting countries have to report on all data flows. As the Air Quality Directive applies only to the EU Member States and to the European Economic Area (EEA) agreement countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway), the other countries are not bound to report on all data flow. For these “third” countries, the reporting scope depends on the status towards the EU (e.g. the West Balkans countries engaged in the accession process) or to specific agreements.

BInformation on zones and agglomerations (Article 6)ROD 670
pBPreliminary (Year + 1) information on zones and agglomerations (Article 6)ROD 693
CInformation on the assessment regime (Article 7)ROD 671
pCPreliminary (Year + 1) information on the assessment regime (Article 7)ROD 694
DInformation on the assessment methods (Articles 8 and 9) – fixed and indicative measurementsROD 672
D1bInformation on the assessment methods (Articles 8 and 9) – models and objective estimationROD 742
E1aInformation on primary validated assessment data – measurements (Article 10)ROD 673
E1bInformation on primary validated assessment data – modelled (Article 10)ROD 674
E2aInformation on primary up-to-date assessment data (UTD) – measurements (Article 10) – data to be provided via ftpROD 675
GInformation on the attainment of environmental objectives (Article 12)ROD 679
HInformation on air quality plans (Article 13)ROD 680
IInformation on source apportionment (Article 13)ROD 681
JInformation on the scenario for the attainment year (Article 13)ROD 682
KInformation on measures (Articles 13&14)ROD 683