Submissions are organised in four separate “packages”:

  1. The first package includes data flows B and C containing information on zones and assessment regimes which will be applied for the next coming year YY+1. The deadline for submission is 31 December of year YY.
  2. The second package concerns the monitoring done over the previous year YY-1 with the associated data flows B, C, D, E1a and E2a on zones, assessment regimes, networks and stations as well as measurement and model results. This package must also include dataflow G concerning the attainment of environmental objectives during the year YY-1. This delivery must be done by 30 September of year YY.
  3. The package including the data flows H to K concerns plans and programmes adopted and implemented in year YY-2 in case exceedances were observed. Deadline for this package is 31 December of year YY.
  4. The last package is specific and deals with unvalidated measurement data or UTD data (E2a). These data are transmitted throughout the year via ftp.