E1a Tier 2

This viewer shows potential issues with the reported data.

In the upper section of the viewer, select

  • your country,
  • the year for which you want to check the data (e.g. 2019 if you want to check your submission for 2019),
  • the reference year with which you want to compare the data with (e.g. comparing 2019 with 2018).

The number in red appearing for each Tier 2 check indicates the number of time series which present the issue mentioned in the check title (e.g. number of time series which are partly or not verified). The absence of number indicate that all the time series have passed the check successfully.

By clicking on the box “Details”, you will access the detailed list of time series concerned (this might take a few seconds depending on the number of time series).

Clicking on the black button ‘Back’ at the top of the detailed table will bring you back to the main table.